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Sherif Sonbol09 Egypt Photographer1556Rare is the photographer who looks at a familiar art form and shows it in a new light. But Sherif Sonbol’s stunning and revelatory dance photographs [show] a particularly agile eye… apt to shoot from a catwalk above the stage or from the wings, frequently abstracting shapes into dynamic and explosive bursts of color. More...
The New York Times
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New: Watch "The History and Religious Heritage of Old Cairo" videos. Click here for the book presentation gala and here for a short interview with Sherif Sonbol

New (books) :"The History and Religious Heritage of Old Cairo" (AUC Press 2013) & "The Churches of Egypt" ( New Edition AUC Press 2012)

New (books):"Wonders of the Horus Temple : The Sound and Light of Edfu" (published in 2011 by AUC Press, with an introduction by Zahi Hawass)

Sherif Sonbol Egypt Photographer
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© Sherif Sonbol 2004, Cairo, Egypt
Sherif Sonbol is an Egyptian photographer, based and living in Egypt.